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Location operators and descriptors are discussed in more detail below.
In February, 1986, GenBank and embl began a collaborative effort (joined by ddbj in 1987) to devise a common feature table format and common standards for annotation practice.
note "breed:Cukorova".4 Appendix IV: Controlled vocabularies This appendix contains information on the restricted vocabulary fields used in the Feature Table.
Value format " institution- code : collection- code : culture_id " Example Comment the /culture_collection qualifier should be used to annotate live microbial and viral cultures, and cell lines that have been deposited in curated culture collections; microbial cultures in personal or laboratory collections should.This qualifier is not intended code reduction camaieu frais de port for large-scale annotation of variations, such as SNPs.Multiple/old_locus_tag qualifiers with distinct values are allowed within a single feature; /old_locus_tag and / locus_tag values must not be identical within a single feature.Qualifier /frequency Definition frequency of the occurrence of a feature Value format text representing the proportion of a population carrying the feature expressed as a fraction Example /frequency"23/108" /frequency"1 in 12" /frequency".85" Qualifier /gap_type Definition type of gap connecting components in records of a genome.Click here in Step 4 of the checkout process to enter the code.Value format "text" Example /submitter_seqid"node_1" Comment The length of the value should be limited to 51 charaters.Qualifier /sex Definition sex of the organism from which the sequence was obtained; sex is used for eukaryotic organisms that undergo meiosis and have sexually dimorphic gametes Value format "text" Examples /sex"female" /sex"male" /sex"hermaphrodite" /sex"unisexual" /sex"bisexual" /sex"asexual" /sex"monoecious" or monecious /sex"dioecious" or diecious Comment /sex.Appendix IV includes controlled vocabularies such as nucleotide base livres concours infirmier scolaire codes, modified base abbreviations, genetic code tables etc.
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J12345.1:1.15, see also examples below) Operators The location operator is a prefix that specifies what must be done to the indicated sequence to find or construct the location corresponding to the feature.This qualifier consists of a stable ID portion (35 format with 3 position letters and 5 numbers) plus a version number after the decimal point.From December 2016 a complete list of the genetic codes will also be maintained outside of the cycle of the Feature Table document release at: sdc.If double"tion marks are used within a free text string, each set must be 'escaped' by placing a second double"tion mark immediately before.Qualifier /partial Definition differentiates between complete regions and partial ones Value format none Example /partial Comment not to be used for new entries from 15-DEC-2001; use ' ' and ' ' signs in the location descriptors to indicate that the sequence is partial.3.3.2 Format and conventions Qualifiers take the form of a slash followed by the qualifier name and, if applicable, an equal sign and a value.

For a complete list of supported values, please see: ; ncRNA classes not yet in the insdc /ncRNA_class controlled vocabulary can be annotated by entering ncRNA_class"other with either product"name of the product OR note"brief explanation of novel ncRNA_class Qualifier /note Definition any comment or additional.
If the location descriptor requires a continuation line, the first qualifier may follow immediately after the location.